Casio C751 (Ravine)

Supported Carriers:

(Test_List), Cricket, Cricket STX, Cricket Corporate, Revol, Mobi, Page Plus, Ntelos, Generic, Blue Wireless, Alltel, ClearTalk, Smart, MobileNation, IV Cellular, Carolina West, Next G Mobile, TalkForGood Wireless

Phone Pre-Setup:

  • Houdini Provisioning Instructions
    • Make sure the Casio Ravine is using the MTC cable. Remove the plastic cover on the bottom of the phone to attach the cable. If the phone is not dialing remove the battery and replace.
  • Pre- Provisioning Instructions:
    • Plug phone into Computer
  • Additional Issues
    • Always make sure the drivers for the handset have been installed correctly.
    • If your handset is not being detected view the most common issues below
    • Damaged data port on the handset itself. Check for water damage or damage to the data port on the handset.
    • USB driver conflict (Most Common) Download and install the drivers we supply on our website. Houdini is fully compatible with Windows XP,Vista.
    • Handset has not been added to the Houdini database.
    • Net 2.0 framework is needed to run Houdini. Download from the support tab on our site.

Device and Programming Instructions:

    • Dial ##7764726 then Call
    • Enter SPC 000000
    • Select NAM General
    • Select NAM1
    • Select MDN
    • Enter MDN (10 digit phone number) and press OK
    • Press CLR twice
    • Select NAM CDMA Settings
    • Select NAM1
    • Select MIN
    • Select MIN1
    • Enter MIN without area code (7 digit number) and press OK
    • Select MIN2
    • Enter MIN area code (3 digit number) and press OK
    • Press CLR until you exit programming
    • Phone will power cycle and programming is now complete.

Reference Links:


Cable: MTC

Symbol: Bear

Compatible Cellebrite Cable: 100

Cable Image:

C751 (Ravine)

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