HTC One 6500L Verizon

Phone Pre-Setup:
  • Pre-Provisioning Instructions
    • Press green talk button to bring up Dial pad.
    • Enter ##3424 and Press Call and you will see DM Command Service. Phone is now in DIAG mode.
    • Plug in Device. Load Drivers if prompted, files can be found in Downloads section of the helpdesk.
  • Alternative Activation
    • If the device is not functioning properly after a flash has completed, attempt to active with the Decimal form of the MEID (ex. 256XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX) instead of the HEX "IMEI" (ex. 990000XXXXXXXX)

Device and Programming Instructions:

  • Manual Programming
    • ##778 and press Call
    • Select Edit
    • Enter SPC 000000
    • Select Mobile Directory Number (MDN)
    • Enter MDN (10 digit phone number) and press OK
    • Select MSID
    • Enter MIN (10 digit number) and press OK
    • Press Back
    • Select HomeSID/HomeNID
    • Verify HomeSID
    • Select Menu on top right of the screen
    • Select Commit Modifications
    • Phone will power cycle and programming is now complete
  • Youtube Fix
    • If issues connecting with Youtube occur after a data flash and data is functioning properly, please follow the steps below:
    • ##3282# > Advance > RTSP/HTTP Setting
    • Above method was tested changing All IP's to , and all Ports to 0
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