HTC ADR6400L Thunderbolt

Phone Pre-Setup

This device currently only supports 1X data service when flashed until further notice. Some handsets may be capable of 3G, but this is not a guarantee.


  1. This phone will perform 2 flashes as part of the full flash process
  2. Remove the SIM card before getting started
  3. Open Dial Pad and dial ##3424 then press Call
  4. Select "Diag + LAN"
  5. Phone will reboot into correct mode
  6. Dial ##3424 then press call, you will see HTC Diagnostic Interface- do not press anything else
  7. Detect the phone in Houdini, and choose: "HTC ADR6400 Thunderbolt"
  8. Begin the flash
  9. Enter MDN/MIN/SID and press OK to complete first flash
  10. Now you will begin second flash
  11. Re-run detection in Houdini without turning off or unplugging the phone
  12. When phone detects, choose the: "HTC ADR THUNDERBOLT 9K"  (choose carefully)
  13. Input MDN when prompted and press OK to complete the second flash
  14. Once the phone passes, press Menu and Select "Reboot to Embedded mode"
  15. Unplug and power the phone off and place ANY SIM card into the phone to allow phone calls. 
  16. Process is now complete
    • If data does not kick on you can attempt the following. 
      Dial *#*#4636#*#* then select Phone Information
      Scroll down to "Set preferred network type" and ensure "CDMA + LTE/EvDo auto" is selected
      Press back
      Dial ##778 then press Call and select Edit
      Enter 000000 for SPC
      Go to Modem Settings and verify these settings
           Preferred Serving System: Automatic or Automatic B
           Preferred Mode: CDMA HDR Only
           Preferred Mode 9K: HDR LTE Only
           Rev. A: Disable
           1X Diversity: Disable
      Press Menu and select "Commit Modifications" when done
      Phone will power cycle and programming is now complete
      Phone must be programmed using Houdini
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