HTC PK76310 One Cricket

Phone Pre-Setup:
  • Pre-Provisioning Instructions
    • Phone must be in Diagnostic mode, Instructions below:
    • Open Phone Keyboard and dial ##3424#
    • Phone is now in the correct mode to load drivers and continue with the provisioning process

Device and Programming Instructions:


  • Dial ##626*
  • Enter SPC 000000 or 555555
  • Select Edit
  • Select NAM Settings
  • Select Mobile Directory Number(MDN)
  • Enter new MDN (10 digit phone number) and press OK
  • Select MSID
  • Enter new MIN (10 digit number) and press OK
  • Press the BACK key
  • Verify HomeSID
  • Press Menu and select Commit Modifications
  • Phone will power cycle and programming is now complete


  • Alternate phone browser must be used to browse the internet on the device
  • Open the "Google Play Store" on the device
  • Search for Chrome Browser
  • Download/Install Chrome Browser
  • Use Chrome Browser as default phone browser to prevent website loading issues
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