LG VS950 Intuition Verizon

Phone Pre-Setup

Phone must have a previously activated SIM card in the device before and after flash.

  • Phone must be set to Internet Connection, Instructions below:
    Plug the phone into the PC
    Swipe down Notification Bar
    Select USB Connection Type (Touch for other USB Options)
    Select Internet Connection
    Set to Modem (Even if this option is already selected)
  • Flashing Process
  • This phone will be detected as 2 devices. They must be flashed in the order below:
    • LG VS950 Intuition Verizon Voice
    • LG VS950 Intuition Verizon Data
  • Run detection in Houdini and be sure the phone is detected twice
  • Select "LG VS950 Intuition Verizon Voice" from the drop down menu and flash as you normally would.
  • Re-run detection and now select the "LG VS950 Intuition Verizon Data" from the drop down menu and flash as you normally would
  • Flashing process is now complete
    • Phone must be programmed using Houdini
    Reference Links
    USB Cable
    • MTC Bear
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