Motorola A956 Droid 2 Global

Supported Carriers:

(Test_List), Cricket, Cricket STX, Cricket Corporate, Revol, Mobi, Page Plus, Ntelos, Generic, Blue Wireless, Alltel, ClearTalk, MobileNation, Smart, IV Cellular, Carolina West, Next G Mobile, TalkForGood Wireless

Phone Pre-Setup:


  • Houdini Provisioning Instructions
    • First make sure the Motorola Droid 2 Global is in the on position using MTC cable. Make sure your connection between the handset and computer are secure and snap in correctly. Wait for the charging symbol to appear on the screen. A menu will then appear and you will need to select phone as a modem. Continue normally with the Houdini Detect button and complete the Houdini process.

  • Pre-Provisioning Instructions
    • Phone must be in PC Mode for Houdini Detection
    • Pull down Notification bar and select USB Connection
    • Set phone to PC Mode
    • Phone is now in the correct mode to load drivers and continue with the provisioning process
    • If phone does not detect, perform the following:
    • Power down the handset
    • Connect USB Cable and allow usb to power on the device
    • If device does not power on automatically, power on the device after connected to the USB cable
  • Try an ESN change with Page plus:


    1. Turn off Note 2
    2. Get a non-lte Verizon phone and put it’s ESN on the account
    3. Dial *228 on the Verizon phone, then place a test call
    4. If the call goes through successfully, turn off the Verizon phone
    5. Turn on note 2, and test call then check data


    If that does not work, then:


    1. Factory reset note 2
    2. Take out SIM
    3. Flash phone without the SIM (DO NOT BYPASS ACTIVATION)
    4. Once flash is complete, turn off and turn back on the note 2
    5. Place a test call using emergency call feature
    6. Phone will say it needs SIM
    7. Replace SIM in the phone
    8. Turn phone on, complete activation steps
    9. Make test call and check data


    Device and Programming Instructions:


    • Dial ##7764726 and press Call
    • Enter SPC 000000 and select Verify
    • Select User Activation
    • Touch in the MIN box, delete the existing information and enter your 10 digit MIN
    • Touch in the MDN box, delete the existing information and enter your 10 digit phone number without any dashes or spaces
    • Touch in the CDMA Sys ID and enter your SID (if not known, contact your carrier support)
    • Touch Done to save your information and return to User Activation menu
    • Press the Home Key to exit out of your programming
    • Phone will power cycle and programming is now complete


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    Cable: MTC

    Symbol: Bear

    Compatible Cellebrite Cable: 100

    Cable Image:

    A956 Droid 2 Global

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