Samsung SCH-i500 Showcase Cspire

Phone Pre-Setup:



  • Houdini Provisioning Instructions
    • First make sure the Samsung SCH-i500 is in the on position using MTC Cable. Make sure your connection between the handset and computer are secure and snap in correctly. Wait for the charging symbol to appear on the screen. Continue normally with the Houdini Detect button and complete the Houdini process.
  • Additional Pre-Provisioning Instructions
    • Menu > Settings > Applications > Development
    • Enable USB Debugging
    • Be sure you have installed the drivers from the downloads section of the helpdesk
    • If proceedure above is unsuccessful, perform this step:
    • Dial ##8778#, this will then take you to "Phone Util". Set UART and USB to "Modem".
    • You should now see device show up properly under "Ports" in your device manager.
    • Continue normally with Houdini.
    • While the phone is plugged into the PC dial **87284 and make sure you place both options into PDA. Once in PDA place both back into option modem and close Houdini. Re open and redetect








Device and Programming Instructions:


Manual Programming:

  • Power the phone on and open up the dialer
  • Enter ##626# to enter service programming and enter SPC 000000 or 468346then OK
  • Select Edit
  • Press "Touch Here" at bottom of screen.
  • Enter 10-digit MDN at "Phone Number" screen followed by Return
  • Enter 10-digit MSID/MIN followed by Return
  • Press Done at Service Menu screen
  • The phone will power cycle and programming is now complete

If issues connecting with Youtube occurs after a data flash and data is functioning properly, please follow the steps below:

  • ##3282# > Edit > SPC > others > multimedia
  • Above method was tested changing all IP's to and all Ports to 0


Reference Links:




Cable: MTC

Symbol: Bear

Compatible Cellebrite Cable: 100

Cable Image:

SCH-i500 Showcase R

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