Samsung SM-N900V Note 3 Verizon


NOTE: Previously activated 4G LTE SIM must be inserted before attempting to flash this device.
Ensure the device is in the proper mode before flashing. Open the dial pad on the phone and dial ##366633# (##DMMODE#) Set to "Enable DM Mode" and continue with the Houdini process.



If Houdini says the device cannot be provisioned Open your device manager,  make sure the device is showing in your device manager, and please follow the the instructions for 4.3 below.



  1. With the device plugged in:
  2. Dial ##366633#
  3. Disable DM Mode
  4. Disable USB Debugging Mode (Menu> Settings> Developer Options)
    1. If you don't see Developer Options, Enable them by going to Menu> Settings> About Device and Tap "Build Number" 7 times. This will enable Developer Options.
  5. Allow Drivers to load completely.  This can take up to 5 minutes.
  6. Device should now appear in device manager as Samsung Mobile USB CDC Composite Device
  7. Now..With the phone still plugged in, turn off and turn on (Restart the device)
  8. After the phone finished restarting, Dial ##366633# 
  9. Enable DM Mode
  10. Again allow the drivers to load.
  11. Detect


This phone must be programmed using the Houdini Desktop application.

Driver Download

USB for Windows XP, Vista & 7: Download

USB Cable

MTC Cable

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