Samsung SCH-R760 Galaxy S2 Sprint

Phone Pre-Setup:
      • Phone must be in Diagnostic mode, Instructinos below:
      • Dial ##8778# and set to ALL and plug into the PC
      • Phone is now in the correct mode to load drivers and continue with the provisioning process
    • Alternate Pre-Provisioning Instructions
      • Dial *#22745927
      • Click enable hidden menu, then go back to the dial pad
      • Dial **87284 and Click on 'CP' or 'All' 

    Device and Programming Instructions:

    • Dial ##626#
    • Enter SPC 000000 and press OK
    • Select Edit
    • Press "Touch Here"
    • Enter new MDN (10 digit phone number) and press Done
    • Enter new MIN (10 digit number) and press Done
    • Select Done
    • Phone will power cycle and programming is now complete

      Youtube Fix

      If you are unable to play videos on Youtube after a full flash and data is working, please follow these steps:

      • Dial ##3282# > Edit > SPC > others > multimedia
      • Above method was tested changing all IP's to and all Ports to 0

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      Cable: MTC

      Symbol: Bear

      Compatible Cellebrite Cable: 100

      Cable Image: 

      SCH-R760 Galaxy S II

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